Engagement Rings Under 200 – A Beautiful Ring At An Affordable Price

By on Nov 17th, 2011.

TweetWhen a woman is in love, getting engaged is one of the most thrilling moments of her life. The moment he pulls out the little velvet box with the ring inside and asks for her to be her wife will be one she will remember for the rest of her life. All too often, though, [Continue Reading...]


Styles of Men Engagement Rings For Different Men

By on Oct 9th, 2011.

TweetMen engagement rings? Seriously? It may sound weird, ridiculous even, but yes, there is actually a growing market for men engagement rings that started with the release of the Tioro men engagement ring by jeweler H. Samuel last 2009. In Western cultures, engagement rings are worn to indicate that a person, traditionally a woman, is [Continue Reading...]

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How to Select and Discover Affordable Engagement Rings

By on Sep 27th, 2011.

TweetEngagement is one of the most special days in a person’s life. As the years passed, despite the more profound meaning behind engagements, it has become an important aspect to find a good ring that can represent that special day. Because of the global economic crisis, it has become more crucial to find affordable or [Continue Reading...]

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All You Need To Know About Cushion Cut Diamonds

By on Dec 13th, 2011.

TweetCushion cut diamonds are actually a generic term used for the Old mine cut diamond that came about prior to the 19th century. The ‘cushion’ term is usually utilized for stones that have the cushion cut shape. A cushion cut diamond has a rectangular and somewhat square-ish cut and round corners. It also has 58 [Continue Reading...]

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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings: Important Information about Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

By on Dec 5th, 2011.

TweetIf you are looking for the best engagement ring styles, there are several engagement rings styles that made the list. One of these engagement ring styles is the Asscher cut engagement rings. Asscher cut engagement rings have a unique design that is really pleasing to look at. These are also ideal for couples who are [Continue Reading...]

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The Hunt for Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

By on Nov 30th, 2011.

TweetThere is a certain mystery about the blue diamond which makes blue diamond engagement rings extra special. Essentially, every guy would want to give something special to the girl of his dreams. Seemingly, the rarity associated with blue diamond engagement rings make them one of the more meaningful gifts that can be presented to anyone. [Continue Reading...]

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