Asscher Cut Engagement Rings: Important Information about Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

If you are looking for the best engagement ring styles, there are several engagement rings styles that made the list. One of these engagement ring styles is the Asscher cut engagement rings. Asscher cut engagement rings have a unique design that is really pleasing to look at.

These are also ideal for couples who are in search of engagement rings that will compliment their personality as well as their individuality. This is one of the reasons why the elegant Asscher cut diamond engagement ring design is now rapidly increasing in popularity. This is a perfect for couples who would want sophisticated engagement rings that are modern when it comes to styles and designs.

Brief History of the Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

14k White Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement RingThe first ever Asscher Cut diamond was created in the year 1902 in Amsterdam, Holland by the Asscher brothers. The Asscher brothers were renowned lapidaries who were responsible for the exquisite quality of the precious stones that they cut. These famous stones include the Cullinan Diamond, which has a carat of 3,015. The Cullinan Diamond is now among the precious stones found in the British crown jewels. This is why the Asscher cut engagement rings are now a favorite among couples – because of the quality and the appeal of its unique design.

Factors that make Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Exquisite

Ring Setting for Asscher Cut DiamondThe Asscher cut engagement rings have a distinctive diamond shape. The diamonds are cut in a square shape with corners that are deeply trimmed which results in the precious stones resembling an octagon. The Asscher cut is also referred to as the square emerald cut. This type of modified cushion cut follows parallel steps to ensure that its intricate details will be applied. Once all the parallel steps have been performed in cutting the diamonds, it will then have an effect commonly known as “hall of mirrors” effect. These steps in creating the Asscher cut rings provide a much better internal refraction as well as a more blazing diamond fire compared to the other typical steps in cutting stones.

In comparing the Asscher cut engagement rings from the other typical step cut stones such as the radiant cut or the elongated emerald cut, the Asscher cut diamonds are better in quality when it comes to the internal refraction and diamond fire. This is mainly due to the fact that the corners of the typical step cut stones are only slightly trimmed compared to the deep trimmed corners of the Asscher cut diamonds.

One important thing to remember when choosing Asscher cut engagement rings is that this type of diamond cut has already been patented exclusively, thus; only the genuine Asscher diamonds will have the family’s insignia as well as an identification number unique with each ring.

Vintage and Modern Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are one of the most popular styles in the art deco engagement rings department. The vintage Asscher diamonds first became popular in the 1920’s, however; the facility closed down resulting in the production being stopped. In 1945, the facility reopened and the production of the Asscher cut diamond engagement rings as well as their other elegant jewelries continued. In the year of 2001, the Asscher cut was re-patented with an improved design to further make it difficult for counterfeiters to produce counterfeit cuts. The more modern Asscher diamond engagement rings have larger central tables with smaller corners.

Aside from the slightly smaller corners and larger central tables of the modern Asscher cut engagement rings, the modernized and improved cut also features additional sixteen facets to further increase and enhance the sparkle of the diamonds. The modern Asscher cut diamond engagement rings now have 74 facets. However, both the vintage Asscher cut diamond engagement rings and the modern Asscher cut diamond engagement rings feature a deep cutlet at the base of the stone to enhance the stone’s depth with a more startling clarity.

Quality of the Diamond in Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The parallel steps that are followed in making the Asscher cut engagement rings allows more of the diamond’s depth to be seen, it is essential that cutting is precise. This will affect the overall quality of the Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. Just as how inclusions as well as flaws are easily seen in engagement rings that have emerald cuts.

In choosing the best Certified Asscher Cut Engagement Rings, couples should understand that it is vital for them to know how to be able to choose a stone with only the highest quality. Aside from the stone’s quality, choosing the color of the stone should also be considered carefully since color may be a lot more visible at its wider corners.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings: Settings of Asscher Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings that are set with a four prong arrangement are the most commonly seen setting for this particular engagement ring style. Using prongs for the setting of these Asscher Cut CZ Rings enables the stone to be more level, thus; the diamond would be able to attract more light.

However, the prongs should not overlap with the diamond’s corners as wide prongs will obscure its distinctive features. The pave setting is one of the most popular setting types used in Asscher cut diamond engagement rings. While there are some Asscher cut diamond engagement rings that make use of other stones to accentuate the central stone, there are also engagement rings that make use of a single Asscher cut diamond since it is already stunning and elegant on its own.