The Hunt for Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

DivaDiamonds 14K Gold Round 3 Stone Blue Diamond & White Diamond RingThere is a certain mystery about the blue diamond which makes blue diamond engagement rings extra special. Essentially, every guy would want to give something special to the girl of his dreams. Seemingly, the rarity associated with blue diamond engagement rings make them one of the more meaningful gifts that can be presented to anyone.

You must realize by now that blue diamond engagement rings can be quite expensive as with anything that is rare and valuable. If you have the budget for it, then the cost becomes mute and academic.

Basically natural blue diamonds are extremely rare which makes them the object of jewelry hunts. Some of the blue diamond engagement rings in the market have been irradiated just to make the blue color more enhanced.

Using irradiated diamonds is a viable alternative especially if budget is a consideration. Anyway, the meaning of the gift is what matters (although some women would argue strongly against this point) rather than its value.

Blue Diamond Cuts

Basically, any type of stone that is used to adorn a ring is available in numerous designs and cuts. The same can be said with blue diamonds which are cut in various ways. Essentially jewelry makers cut the stones in a particular way to bring out the brilliance of the stone and maximize this property.

Another consideration would be the type of setting that you choose. Jewelers therefore sell blue diamond engagement rings in a variety of styles and designs. You must consider though that the cut of the blue diamond engagement rings can be used to hide any flaws in the stone.

Although this is one sure fire way to save on the cost of the blue diamond, just make sure that your fiancé has no special skills that allows her to tell the difference between a flawed and high quality blue diamond. Some of the more popular cuts that you will see in blue diamond engagement rings are oval, radiant, and princess.

What is the Color of Blue Diamond?

Blue Diamond Engagement RingsIn your hunt for blue diamond engagement rings you have to carefully consider the actual color of the stone. When it comes to diamonds, the more pure and saturated the blue diamond is the more brilliant its color will be. This means that deeper color blue diamond engagement rings can be priced distinctly higher than lighter shades of blue diamonds. This is one instance where you have to discriminate about the color.

Be aware that there are some unscrupulous jewelers that will attempt to pass you fake blue diamond engagement rings. This means that the stones may not be natural blue diamonds but are priced like natural occurring ones.

One safeguard you can have when buying Colored Diamond Engagement Rings is to ask for a certificate from the jeweler. This certificate will give you the properties of the blue diamond like its color, cut, carat, and clarity among others. The blue diamond certification will also authenticate the stone as real.

Be wary though of the certification that might be issued to you. When it comes to Antique Blue Diamond Ring not just any certificate will do, you need to get one that has been issued by the Gemological Institute of America or the European Gemological Laboratory. Any certification that has not been authenticated by these organizations can be questionable.

Rare Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

An ordinary blue diamond is already rare; however, there are some variants which are even rarer. You can just imagine the corresponding price tag on these rare stones if placed in blue diamond engagement rings.

Can you visualize the reaction of your fiancé if you present her with Blue Diamond Wedding Rings that have the rare variety in the center? Some of the rare blue diamonds in the world are:

o Regent – this blue diamond was discovered in the Parteal Mines by a slave in 1701 at the Kistna River

o Hope – originally known as the French blue diamond, it later became the Hope diamond when it was stolen from the Crown Jewels of France at the height of the French Revolution in 1792. It reappeared in 1839 as the Hope diamond in the catalog of Henry Philip

o Wittelsbach – a betrothal gift to the Infanta Margareta Teresa from Emperor Leopold I of Austria in 1664 and has a whopping 35.56 carats

o Sultan of Morocco – grayish-blue diamond with 35.27 carat cushion cut diamonds, it was placed on display at the 1969 World of Gems Exposition in New York from jeweler Cartier

o Blue heart – cut by Atanik Ekyanan in Paris in 1909, it has 30.82 metric carats and shaped like a heart

o Heart of eternity – coming from the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa, it was cut by the Steinmetz group and measures 27.64 carats

o Transvaal Blue – pear shaped 25 carats blue diamond found at Transvaal in South Africa

Reminders When Buying Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Never be carried away when buying your blue diamond engagement rings. Keep in mind that you need to make an informed decision by asking the right questions at the jewelry store. You have to be conscious however of some telltale signs that may mean you are being played to buy fake blue diamond engagement rings. Some warning signs the salesperson may say:

o Every blue diamond is natural

o Color does not matter and are equal regardless the shade

o The cut has no bearing on the value

o There are no real blue diamonds only fakes

o We do not have a loupe

o You will never find another blue diamond anywhere

o Irradiated blue diamonds are the best because there is no such thing as natural

o No certifications are issued for diamonds

o Would you want to buy topaz?

Undoubtedly, Cheap Blue Diamond Engagement Rings symbolize an important part of a couple’s life. However, keep in mind that you have to be practical enough and make sure you don’t blow your entire savings on Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Ring. No matter how appreciative your fiancé may be of the blue diamond engagement rings, you still have to consider your financial future together.