De Beers Engagement Rings

The wedding day is the most important day for every young woman on earth. That’s why wearing a top-class diamond ring is so important. There are lots of companies that produce diamond rings nowadays, but one of the most famous and appreciated is De Beers Engagement Rings.

De Beers companies dominate the  diamond mining, diamond trading and diamond manufacturing sectors worldwide. The company was founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1888, South Africa. Over the last century, De Beers has been highly efficient  and succesful in increasing consumer demand for diamonds and then fully satisfying them.

They use an awesome marketing strategy: diamonds as a symbol of love and commitment. They created a lot of TV spots, gaining high rated audience and many happy customers. They are a quintessential diamond jeweller,  giving core to style and melding its rich history  with contemporary creativity nad high- class craftsmanship. They create the finest natural diamonds, perfectly rough and polished. It is indeed the world’s premier diamond mining and marketing company.

When it comes to engagement rings and diamond  rings, De Beers is the most popular choice. De Beers was the first to create, in 1939,  the 4 C’s of a diamond’s quality. They’ve introduced carat, clarity, cut, and color standards of diamonds. They are currently researching and adding more attributes to the diamond other than the 4 C’s.  The cut is the most important of all the 4 C’s . It is where the designers differ from each other.  De Beers diamond successfully achieves anatomical symmetry and perfection through the perfect cut. Each diamond and  jewelry of De Beers is scanned, analyzed, and then calibre so that its internal brilliance emanates to the maximum level.

De Beers jewelry types include:

- Eternity Rings: are created with prong and channel settings. They have exclusive knife-edge designs, being composed of  2 angled rows of precious stones.

- Mens Engagement Rings: the company offers special and limited selections of men’s fashion and wedding rings

- Three-Stone Rings: the prong and bezel settings are the popular choices for this types of rings. The stones achieve the best possible effect by being matched or graduated in size.

- Exclusive Collections: they have an exceptional selection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Fancy colored diamonds, hand rings, pendants and cuff links are just a few of De Beers exquisite collection.

- Engagement rings: they have exceptional engagement rings. The top quality, the design and the experience of having a De Beer engagement rings worths it all. The diamonds are selected  with exceptional perfection so they will show the journey of life and everlasting love between the couple.

De Beers Engagement Rings prices are very high due to their remarkable quality. They are very common though in upper- class societies, in countries like USA, Israel, Italy, France, Uk, Japan and Saudi Arabia. One of the cheapest engagement ring is the “The Promise Diamond Engagement Ring“, which has a 1.15cts diamonds set in platinum and costs $9,600. It’s a shape rounded jewelry for rich people who want to make a special gift to their future wife.

Other types of top engagement rings from the famous De Beers are:

- De Beers Classic Engagement Ring (pear cut): an 1.07cts diamonds set in platinum, pear cut , price $12,900

- The Pink Promise Diamond Engagement Ring: an amazing round 1.18cts diamonds set in platinum worth $16,300.

- Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring: an Asscher diamond with a 1.14ct and $14,800 price

- De Beers Classic Diamond Engagement Ring: the most classic ring with its round cut and  1.01cts diamonds set in platinum. The price is a little too high, compared to the pear cut one: it costs more than $20,000

- Cushion Micropave Ring: an interesting stylish ring, with a large 4.26cts diamonds set in 18k white gold, cushion cut. The price is a fair one for this exquisite ring:  $95,000

- Simple Shank Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring : a large 4.17ct Asscher-cut diamond  ring made from platinum. The unique model makes it a good choice for expensive and innovative women: $180,000

- Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring: one of the most expensive diamonds ever made: it has a unique emerald cut, being an 10.53ct diamond set in platinum – very large indeed. It costs no more than $1,231,000, but it’s design and uniqueness makes it a best-selling product for many divas and rich people.