Round Engagement Rings: A classic style

When you see clip art or imagery of diamond solitaires the cut of the diamond is most always round. The round engagement ring is a classic cut that never goes out of style. New cuts and styles can come and go but you can buy a round engament ring now and it will still look relevant and current a hundred years from now. Why is the round engagement ring the most common cut of diamond?  It is probably because it has come to be known as the classic elegant standard of cut. You can never go wrong with a round cut diamond. It reflects the light beautifuly and is one of the most popular designs hands down.

Another reason the round engagement ring may be one of the most popular is because it is one of the least expensive cuts available. The more complicated the cut, the more expensive the diamond. The more time it takes to cut a diamond the more more the diamond will cost, it is simple mathematics. Usually that is the way everything works. The more time is spent on something, the more valuable it becomes.  Now just because you can buy a round engagement ring for less does not mean they are cheap. THere are several diamonds available that are round cut but are worth millions, if you are not a Rockefeller than this may not be in your price range.

When it comes to buying a diamond of any cut you must always remember the 4 C’s of the diamond business. They are: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. The cut is what we’ve been discussing such as the round cut. The clarity stands for how clear the diamond is, a diamond with excellent clarity will cost more since there are fewer carbon deposits in them. Color is one of the things that makes a diamond valuable. Clear white diamonds always cost more and are more desirable. They reflect the light and cast fire and color. Last is the carat, it is the weight of the stone and of course, the higher the carat the more the stone will cost because the larger it is.

Ring - Top ViewWhen you are looking for a round engagement ring the metal used in the setting will also have a big effect on the price. If you have it set in yellow or white gold it will cost more than a silver setting and less than a platinum setting. Some settings are two toned, the body of the ring will be a different metal than the metal prongs used to secure the diamond. That is an attractive look that can add cost to your ring. 10kt gold is the cheapest metal you could reasonably use to have your diamond set it. Setting a diamond is silver is very rare and platinum will add a great deal of cost to your ring. 18 and 24 kt gold are also available but they are softer and there is a risk the shank of the ring will flatten over time.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a diamond is to look at the depth of the diamond compared to the width across the top. The deeper your diamond goes down into the setting the more carat weight you are getting. If you just want a wide stone across the top to make it appear larger you can have a smaller carat weight with a wider circumference.  The father down into the setting goes the better. This means you are getting the most amount of stone for your money. You do not want just a wide chip to set on top of the setting. This will not reflect as much light and depth as a deeper stone.

The guide to buying a stone and how much to spend on that stone is one months salary. Most good Round Engagement Rings quality diamond rings will cost anywhere from one thousand dollars on up. But remember it is worth it, you only have the chance to buy a beautiful round diamond engagement ring one time. You have just one chance to get it right and you will know right away by the look on her face how well you made your choice.